The Grapevine is published monthly (exc. Jan) and is distributed to homes in the One Tree Hill area.  The cost of production is significant and we want to ensure that it is money well spent in providing a service to readers and to the businesses that advertise with us. 

Your assistance in filling out the form opposite will help us to fine-tune this community service to make sure it stays relevant to changing times.

No action will be taken regarding any answers you provide.  Depending on the answers received, more information will be provided via the Grapevine. 

Thank you!


Grapevine Reader Survey

Any information provided here will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd party individuals/organisations.


The Grapevine is available to read online ( and new editions are advised on our Facebook page.   If more residents read the Grapevine online we could save money that could be diverted to other community projects.  The OTH Post Office are able to selectivity home deliver (if we go down that path).

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