Humbug Scrub Fire Siren

The future of the old Humbug Scrub fire siren in the vicinity of Kersbrook Rd and Kelly Hill Rd is in poor repair and it needs a new home.  Between August and October 2021, the One Tree Hill Progress Association sought feedback from residents about the need for the siren through a Grapevine questionnaire.  We received just under 40 submissions and almost all strongly supported getting the fire siren going again.  Most people are concerned about the lack of warning about the impending approach of a fire, citing reasons such as poor phone coverage or isolation, often at the end of a road. 

The CFS no longer rely on community sirens to call out their volunteers, but they still sound the town siren when a fire threatens the township. We understand the One Tree Hill CFS would be prepared to remotely activate a local community siren if residents are willing to financially support and maintain the siren.  The One Tree Hill Progress Association is happy to coordinate efforts to resurrect the service, especially now that we know that there is strong community support to keep the Humbug Scrub siren.

The Progress Association met with interested local residents who submitted a survey response on 25Nov21 at the Tree Hill Institute to formulate a project plan to get the fire siren up and running.  It was agreed to get more information from residents willing to host the siren on their property as well as more logisitic information to help determine costs.  In mid-Mar22, Progress was advised that it had been successful in obtaining a Fenderal Governement grant from the Stronger Communities Programme Round 7 and this provides the financial means to get the project off the ground.